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Join our development team

Do you have a whole lotta love for building beautiful stuff for the web? Are you keen to work on innovative projects? We’re on the lookout for a front-end developer who’s keen to work on exciting websites and products.

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The Technologies

  • HTML5 create semantic markup
  • CSS3 implement stylish components
  • Javascript/jQuery events and DOM fun

The Concepts

  • Responsive Web Design design for all sizes & devices
  • UX & Interaction Design keep it easy peasy lemon squeezy
  • Web Accessibility (WCAG 2.0) universal design for all

The Tools

  • CSS processors Sass/Less for simple CSS
  • Front-end frameworks Turret/Bootstrap/Foundation
  • Version Control Git in a GUI or command line

The Requirements

  • Attention to detail right down to the 1px
  • Reusable and generic code atomic component design
  • Neat and maintainable code // comments are our friends

Why work at Bigfish?

Because Bigfish gives a shit about the web. Our purpose is to create robust, accessible, responsive websites with an core focus on user experience design and usability.

We create all sorts of award-winning digital experiences from websites for clients, to digital campaigns, and our own digital products. We design and develop all these in-house.

Joining Bigfish means working with our world-class team on incredible projects. Our studio in Bowen Hills Brisbane is a central location, ideal for transport and close to ample coffee and lunch options.

What we believe

  • We believe in design.
  • We believe in curiosity.
  • We believe in creation, communication, & collaboration.
  • We believe in people.

What you'll do

  • You'll work with a tight-knit team of developers, designers, animators, and producers
  • You'll develop a wide range of interesting, innovative and challenging web projects
  • You'll play with our custom CMS, & front-end framework
  • You'll work in a fun and creative workplace in an open-plan, funked-up warehouse
  • You'll work on a spec'd 27" iMac
  • You'll get chilled arvo beers
  • You'll get free lunch on Fridays

Sound good?

Sweet. Let’s make the web a better place.

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